Regain a beautiful,
natural smile

Safe and proven implantology and prosthetic solutions

Effective fight against periodontitis

Regain healthy gums.

Effective in the Fight Against Bruxism

Innovative therapies that reduce problems with excessive grinding or clenching of teeth.

Durable Bonding

Beauty and functionality in a quick transformation of your smile!


Dental Clinic Warsaw

We use state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, along with proven treatment procedures.

Safety & quality

Over 20 years of experience in implantology, prosthetics, periodontology, and bruxism treatment with 6700 patients who have trusted us.

from patients

The best expert – for dental issues, go only to him. He doesn’t promise implants in 3 days. But when he does them, they’re solid, permanent, with a natural effect. You could say he’s a world-class specialist – worth trusting.

Marek (Znany Lekarz)

Great discovery in Wilanów. There are dentists, and then there is Dr. Niewada; with his incredible knowledge, explanations, and actions that bring the best results. I had heard and read about him before, and when I checked for myself, it turned out I had an excellent intuition; the best doctor.

KS (Znany Lekarz)

Mr. Paweł… Thank you very much… You are a Master in your profession…

Grażyna Szapołowska (Znany Lekarz)

I am delighted!!! The splint works, the relief is immense, the joint is in a much better condition. A very likable doctor! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I highly recommend him.

HK (Znany Lekarz)

It’s hard to earn my trust. I’ve been through a lot with treatments, first in the USA, then in Poland. Besides, I am an anxious patient, so called a difficult patient. Dr. Niewada was recommended to me by several people. […] Complete professionalism. You can see that it’s his passion, knowledge, golden hands. For the first time, I felt that I trust the doctor. […] I highly recommend him.

Alicja Topolska (Google)

The first in Poland bioesthetic laboratory

All the work for our patients is carried out by our experienced dental technicians in close cooperation with the attending physicians.


Original program
for comprehensive reconstruction
according to Dr. Niewada

For patients requiring full dental reconstruction, Paweł Niewada, MD, PhD, a pioneer of bioesthetic dentistry in Poland, has developed a unique, original, and effective treatment program.


We take a comprehensive approach to dentistry.

Before recommending any treatment plan, during the consultation, we will examine the overall health of your oral cavity to understand as precisely as possible the problem you come to us with.

First visit to Niewada Clinic

You know the price,

before we start working.

Your individual treatment plan includes a schedule and all the costs of procedures. With us, nothing will surprise you!