First Bioesthetic Laboratory in Poland

Advanced prosthetic laboratory at Niewada Clinic.

Here we combine passion, precision, and innovation to make every smile a small work of art.

Why is our own prosthetic laboratory our asset?

In our laboratory, doctors and technicians work side by side, ensuring extraordinary precision and speed of execution.


Our team consists of experienced technicians who continuously develop their skills using the most modern solutions in their specialties.


As a result, we provide the highest quality prosthetic products, tailored to the individual needs of our patients.

International collaboration for the highest quality of prosthetic work

We are proud of our laboratory’s cooperation with leading dental technicians from Germany and the USA. This partnership allows us access to the most advanced solutions and materials on the market.

International collaboration for the highest quality of prosthetic work

In addition to fulfilling the needs of our clinic’s patients, we also prepare prosthetic works on behalf of doctors from around the world.

Innovations and technologies in our Laboratory

In our laboratory, innovation and advanced technology are priorities, enabling us to deliver the highest quality prosthetic services while addressing the specific problems of each patient. A key component of our equipment includes specialized iMes-iCore milling machines with unique milling strategies and specially adapted 3D printers, which guarantee precision and aesthetics.


Although the technical details remain our secret, we assure that these devices are crucial for the innovativeness of our prosthetic solutions, allowing the creation of products with the highest level of fit and functionality. We use modern CAD and CAM software, which enables us to design and produce with extraordinary accuracy. Our cooperation with leading market companies, such as Dentsply Sirona, Hexdent, and Natrodent, allows us to deliver products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation.


Our cooperation with leading industry companies is not limited to using their products – we work together to refine and create tailored solutions and programs. This synergy allows us to develop innovative applications and techniques that are dedicated solely to our clinic, distinguishing us in the market.


One example of such dedication is the development of combined implant templates that allow simultaneous prosthetic reconstruction. This unique approach reduces treatment time and enhances patient comfort, which is an unprecedented solution in the industry.

Agnieszka Sekutowicz

Head of Laboratory /

Dental Technician


The advanced knowledge and skills of Agnieszka, acquired through training programs for dental technicians organized by the renowned American OBI Foundation, ensure that patients have access to the most modern prosthetic solutions at a global level, making her skills and knowledge exceptionally unique in the country.


Every crown, bridge, or veneer created by her team is not only a perfect complement to a smile but also an expression of passion for creating beauty that changes people’s lives.