At Niewada Clinic, we invest in modern technologies to provide you with the best care and a beautiful, healthy smile. Thanks to our innovative solutions, you can enjoy dentist visits without worries and be confident that your health and smile are in the best hands.

Whether you are going for a visit to a surgeon, hygienist, or orthodontist – you can be sure that technology effectively supports them for your benefit and comfort.

Zebris - digital facebow

The digital facebow from Zebris is a groundbreaking tool that significantly improves the quality of doctors’ work while offering patients unprecedented diagnostic and treatment quality. For specialists, this tool means access to precise, three-dimensional images of the facial structure, jaw, and patient’s bite, allowing for more accurate planning and treatment than ever before. Thanks to this device, our doctors can precisely assess the patient’s bite condition, detect facial asymmetry, analyze tooth placement, and plan orthodontic or surgical treatment. The Zebris digital facebow enables quick and painless examinations, which translates to patient comfort and individually tailored treatment plans that increase the chances of faster and more effective therapy outcomes while minimizing discomfort.


3D Tomography

Proper diagnostics is our priority! We have the latest generation of 3D dental tomographs from Vatech. This device allows us to perform very accurate three-dimensional tomography of the teeth, jawbone, temporomandibular joints, and sinuses, as well as panoramic and cephalometric imaging.


Additionally, in each office, we have a device for taking small chairside images, so during procedures like root canal treatment, the patient does not have to go anywhere to have an X-ray; the dental X-ray is comfortably performed in the room.


Thanks to this, the diagnosis is more precise, and you can feel confident that you are receiving the best care.


State-of-the-art intraoral scanners

An intraoral scanner is a modern tool that helps us accurately reproduce the interior of the patient’s oral cavity in digital form. It works non-invasively, eliminating the need for traditional impressions. This advanced equipment allows us to obtain precise three-dimensional images of teeth, enabling us to better plan and perform treatments. This innovative solution makes diagnostics and treatment more comfortable for the patient, eliminating unnecessary inconveniences associated with traditional methods.


A-PRF 3 Centrifuge

We care about your comfort and health. That’s why we use the A-PRF device, which allows us to obtain platelet-rich fibrin from your blood. This natural solution speeds up the healing of wounds after tooth extractions and other surgical procedures significantly. Thanks to A-PRF, we avoid complications, wound infections, and bone loss, allowing you to recover faster and without complications.


Zeiss Microscopes

For us, quality and precision matter. We rely on proven solutions. We always work with magnification, whether using loupes or microscopes. Because the quality of equipment is crucial for us, we have chosen the best and proven optics from Zeiss. The precision of work under a microscope is incomparable to traditional methods. As we can see more and better, our work is much more precise.



T-Scan is a digital device used for the objective assessment of a patient’s bite.


Unlike articulating papers, which only help to identify the location of tooth contact points, T-Scan identifies both the force and timing of the bite, the two most crucial parameters. This state-of-the-art, innovative technology helps us identify premature contacts, excessive forces, and the interrelationships of occlusal tooth surfaces, leading to the balancing of the bite.



This device is used for precise diagnostics of the temporomandibular joints. It allows us to treat patients with joint disorders and balance the bite. Achieving perfect aesthetics requires the correct restoration of the function of teeth, muscles, and the temporomandibular joints.


Thanks to axiographic examination, we can achieve excellent and stable results in prosthetic treatment, perfectly tailored to individual cases.


Nitrous oxide administration device

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a great way to eliminate fear at the dentist’s office. The aspiration of nitrous oxide is a completely safe process, meticulously monitored by the doctor. You will feel completely relaxed.


Feelings of fear and anxiety disappear, and you will be ready to calmly undergo dental treatment. We achieve great effects with the use of laughing gas, especially in children. Free from fear and anxiety, our youngest patients are very willing to undergo treatment of their teeth.


Piaskarka EMS - AIR-FLOW® Master

We perform dental hygiene procedures at the highest level using the AIR-FLOW® Master, the world’s first subgingival prophylaxis device. This device combines two air polishers, providing an ideal solution for supragingival, gingival, and subgingival prophylaxis.


The AIR-FLOW® Master effectively reduces pocket depth, removes bacterial biofilm, and prevents peri-implantitis, as it reaches deep into periodontal pockets. It is a reliable and fast system that ensures maximum comfort for the patient.


Mectron Piezosurgery 3

The Mectron Piezosurgery 3 is the leading device using piezoelectric technology. Its efficacy and safety are confirmed by numerous scientific studies. It was designed for surgeons to overcome the limitations in precision and intraoperative safety that occur with traditional bone-cutting tools. Bone cutting with piezoelectric vibrations is significantly safer and more precise than procedures performed with traditional drills or saws, featuring selective cutting.


Using piezoelectric vibrations and proper cooling of the surgical site with an irrigation system, the bone tissue at the cutting edge does not overheat or become necrotic. Healing processes are accelerated, and swelling and inflammation are less extensive. These factors together shorten the recovery period and reduce post-operative complications.


HF SURG Electrocoagulator

Electrocoagulation, also known as diathermy, is used in surgical, periodontal procedures, as well as in filling and prosthetic crown placement. This device allows for bloodless cuts as blood vessels are immediately coagulated upon contact.


This method easily allows for the cutting of frenula in children and adults, as well as the excision of lesions on the oral mucosa.

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