Digital Smile Design

Plan And See Your Smile Before Your Treatment Begins

Digital Smile Design is a tool that allows us to show you what your smile will look like even before treatment starts. We will use the photos and treatment plan to show you your new teeth after treatment is complete.


At Niewada Clinic, we strive for perfection in cosmetic dentistry. We know very well how many people would like to change their smile, improve the shape, color and alignment of their teeth, correct the amount of visible gums or improve their facial profile. Everyone just wants a beautiful and healthy smile!

Your New Smile Will Meet Your Greatest Expectations

Thanks to the Digital Smile Design software, even before starting the treatment we can provide the patient a highly reliable visualization of the final aesthetic effect – a new, beautifully harmonious smile. This is possible due to the unique process of transformation of the designed smile into a 3D model. You can decide yourself, what tooth shape, alignment and color is the best for you and you can evaluate the result in the mirror. We will make it easier for you, basing on our knowledge and experience. And all this without using a drill!

How does the Smile Design Process at Niewada Clinic Proceed?

The First Visit - Consultation

In a relaxing atmosphere, we will focus on your expectations, assess the problem, suggest possible treatment options, answer questions, and begin designing your new smile.


Taking photographic images of your face is very important at this stage of treatment. This allows us to perfectly visualize the occlusal-dental situation and design a precise treatment plan. It also gives us the opportunity to show the difference between the situation before, during, and after treatment.

Computerized visualization

The latest advances in computer visualization technology allow us to create the perfect smile through Digital Smile Design. Step by step, following the principles of cosmetic dentistry, together with us you create your dreamed, beautiful and unique smile. During the consultation, we take a photograph, which is then processed. Direct feedback and comments from the patient during the design process help us to create and refine the look of the perfect smile that matches the facial features in every detail. And it all takes place right in front of your eyes, presented in an understandable and clear way! We make every effort to present a visualization that is as close as possible to the final result.

Treatment plan

Once the smile is designed and approved by the patient, we present a plan detailing the cost of each stage of treatment. Our plans remain valid for 6 months after consultation.

We Know Digital Smile Design Well

What distinguishes us?

We plan the final result of the therapy carefully and with utmost precision.

The patient actively participates in each stage of treatment.

We ensure the complete safety of the entire medical process.

We take great care of sterility and disinfection in the clinic.

A precise timetable ensures that visits are conveniently scheduled.

The treatment plan provided includes all costs and is valid for 6 months.



Creating a Beautiful Smile

During your initial consultation we will take photographic images and begin to design your new smile using computer visualisation. It is possible to create your new smile directly in your mouth.


We will process the computer-generated image into a three-dimensional model that will be used to assess your future smile, its aesthetics and appearance.


Once the analysis is complete, we will make special custom-fitted Snap On Smile temporary overlays to reflect the three-dimensional model. This gives you the opportunity to “try on” your new smile before we start improving anything in it. We can then still make some more minor changes.


Your new smile is ready! Exactly as it was planned. Our technicians masterfully duplicate the model, selecting the final color, surface and anatomical shape with you. This is how your dream smile is created.

A smile holds the key to complete understanding of another human being. ~ Thomas Carlyle


Digital Smile Design - Aesthetic Principles

Why should you trust us?

At Niewada Clinic, we follow several principles that help us design beautiful, healthy and harmonious smiles:

Horizontal plane

The ideal alignment of the incisal edges of the upper teeth (known as the anterior bite line) should be parallel to the horizontal plane and interpupillary line.

Smile Arc

The course of the incisal edges of the upper teeth from canine to canine relative to the position of the lower lip is called the smile arc. In its ideal position, it corresponds to the natural curve of the lower lip and optically rejuvenates the face. It is more curved in women than in men. So called negative smile arc gives the impression that the upper teeth arch has been inverted. It always compromises the face aesthetics.


Symmetry relative to the midline is most important for the natural aesthetics of the smile. Even when this effect cannot be achieved a hundred percent for certain reasons, the illusion of symmetry should be created. This effect is made possible by symmetrical spacing of the central incisors, and if possible also subsequent teeth closest to the midline. The further away from this line, the less noticeable the asymmetry is.

Smile line

The tooth necks should be visible, defining the length of teeth visible when smiling. Normally this line should coincide with the line of the upper lip to ensure optimal exposure of the gums and teeth.

Smile Width

Proper smile width allows you to see the ideal sequence of teeth from front to back. The width of the six front upper teeth is determined by what is called the canine line. When dealing with a narrower smile, the side teeth are often in the shadow of the front teeth, giving the impression that the front teeth are isolated from the rest.

Golden proportion

The golden rules of proportion were created to be broken. They are, however, an excellent starting point for creating a beautiful smile. They describe the harmonious, ideal width ratio of the six front teeth: 1.6: 1.0: 0.6.

Incisal Embrasures

These are small areas that look like triangles, between the incisal edges of adjacent teeth, reaching to the contact points. Without them, all the teeth would look the same, like the piano keys. These spaces should be as small as possible between the incisors and gradually increase toward the back teeth.

Teeth proportions

There are also guidelines for the ideal proportions of each tooth. For example, the recommended width to height ratio for the first two anterior teeth is 0.7:1.


How Long Does the First Digital Smile Design Consultation Last?

The time you should schedule for such a visit is about 1.5 hours.