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Why Aesthetics in Niewada Clinic Warsaw?

Safe treatment is minimally invasive, comprehensive cosmetic dentistry. We value your trust we offer sterility and safety. We will take care of your problem individually, where only you and your smile count. This is your time in NIEWADA CLINIC!

Treatment stress-free
at Niewada Clinic

At NIEWADA CLINIC we have created a friendly atmosphere. It is a place that brings joy and satisfaction to patients and our team. Already at the first meeting you will be convinced that a visit to the dentist does not have to be stressful. We make every effort to make the treatment as comfortable and gentle as possible. We use the most effective methods of anaesthesia, including DIFFUSION GAS, both for children and adults. Pain and fear will no longer be an obstacle to a perfect smile.

Minimally invasive techniques

Saving tooth preparation is one of the main principles of modern treatment. We use magnifying glasses, a microscope, a camera with 200-fold magnification and other devices which allow us to achieve maximum accuracy and to save as much healthy tooth tissue as possible. We plan treatment ensuring the least interference with the maximum effects.

Smile Design

Thanks to the SMILE DESIGN program, even before starting the treatment we can present with great accuracy the final aesthetic effect – the NEW SLEEP! This enables a unique process of transformation of a computer-designed smile into a three-dimensional model. You will be able to decide yourself what shape, arrangement and colour of teeth is best for you and assess the result in the mirror. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we will make this important decision easier… And all this without the use of a drill!

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Modern technologies
and expert knowledge

The use of the best materials and the latest medical achievements as well as constant professional development of our doctors is the key to a radiant smile and comfort for our patients. It is a source of success!

Care and safety

Professional care means individual approach to each patient, listening to their needs and applying the most convenient solutions in accordance with their expectations. Safety is ensured by following an established treatment plan, experienced staff, use of minimally invasive techniques and work with a microscope and magnifying glasses.

Perfection at
every stage of work

We have adopted as standard the work of doctors and hygienists using magnifiers and microscopes. We use the best materials. Natural-looking restorations are characterised by unparalleled tightness, durability and aesthetics.

Experience of professionals
is more than just years of work

Our clinic

Professional experience is more than just years of work! It is hundreds of courses, congresses, specialisations and scientific papers, that is PASSION.

Our passion is to create a healthy and natural-looking, beautiful smile for many years. We love what we do!

Your smile is supported by specialists.