In Niewada Clinic all treatments and services are performed using
the latest dental knowledge and the most modern equipment and components.


Safe treatment and long-lasting, beautiful results are the result of careful planning. The purpose of the first consultation is to determine your main problem you have come in with and your needs. We do not just focus on tooth decay. We examine your gums, bite, temporomandibular joints, facial muscles or mucous membrane changes. We additionally check whether there is clicking in the joints when opening and closing, whether your gums are bleeding or whether you have periodontitis. We carry out an examination of the oral cavity using dental magnifiers, a microscope and an intraoral camera. We take the necessary x-rays, including a CT scan.

If during the first consultation we establish that you need a complex treatment, we continue with a detailed functional-aesthetic analysis, where we collect photographic documentation, analyse models of your teeth, aesthetics and function to prepare a detailed treatment plan including the cost of treatment. So that you know exactly what will be done and what the stages and time of treatment will be. Also so that we can best adjust the treatment to your financial possibilities.


THE BEST PRESENT you can offer your teeth is a hygienization visit.  If you do not want to have “periodontosis” and want to enjoy beautiful teeth for many years, the most effective means to achieve this success are regular visits to our professional hygienists. Knowledge of the use of equipment, its proper application in the oral cavity so as not to damage teeth, implants or prosthetic work and also accuracy and at the same time delicacy of the procedures performed are extremely important. NIEWADA CLINIC hygienists use magnifying glasses to perform scaling, sanding and polishing procedures even more precisely. A very important element of the whole visit is the hygiene instruction and checking the correct technique of brushing and flossing. The quality of visits is supervised by our two specialists in periodontitis treatment, dr Anna Skurska and dr Paweł Niewada


We make sure that the fillings performed are not only durable and look beautiful and natural, but also restore the proper occlusion. That is why we take special care to recreate anatomical cusps and furrows present in healthy teeth. We also spend a lot of time smoothing and polishing the filling and adjusting it to the correct contacts. A “filling” made in this way lasts much longer.


Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment performed in our clinic does not hurt!

During the treatment the patient takes a lying position, which positively affects the mood and allows you to relax.

We use only modern and proven tools – nickel-titanium manual and mechanical tools, ultrasound system and innovative equipment for root canal filling. It is important for your health that the closure of the canal is very tight. This prevents the recurrence of bacterial growth. The endodontists who work for us are clinicians with several years of experience who know their job very well.

With us you will no longer be afraid of root canal treatment, as evidenced by the words of one of our patients: 
I did not think that root canal treatment could be so trouble-free. – Patient Dariusz S.



We work in such a way as to achieve maximum effects with the least possible interference in the tissues of the tooth. We want our works to be very durable. We base our treatment on the philosophy of bio-aesthetics, combining the natural harmony of tooth morphology, muscles and temporomandibular joints.


Our all-ceramic crowns do not have a bluish outline around the gums as in case of ordinary crowns. They are fully transparent. Just like natural teeth.  Thanks to the application of advanced equipment we obtain incomparably better tightness of prosthetic restorations than in case of traditional solutions. All-ceramic crowns are manufactured using the CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design/ Computer-aided manufacturing) technique. This means that their design and milling is supported by computer software. They are tissue-friendly, natural-looking and fit perfectly.

The most sophisticated work is done in Germany by Bernhard Egger, who is one of the best dental technicians and a teacher at the OBI – Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry – Institute for Comprehensive Occlusal Diagnosis & Minimally Invasive Complete Care Dentistry, USA. An institute that promotes the philosophy of BIOESTHETIC treatment, authored by Dr. Robert L. Lee, MS, DDS.


We specialise in aesthetic veneers! They are a minimally invasive means of improving aesthetics. They can correct one tooth, such as discolored teeth, or multiple teeth, permanently improving your smile. They can be used to close interdental gaps, brighten colour or even out crowding and misalignment. These tiny flakes of porcelain are best suited for minimally invasive aesthetic correction.


A porcelain inlay or onlay is a so-called adhesive ceramic restoration (also known as BPR – Bonded Porcelain Restoration). It is a replacement of lost tooth tissue by means of a porcelain filling. When the cavity is so large that a composite filling has no guarantee of long-term stability, and there is enough of your own tooth that there is no need to grind it for a crown, we recommend making an inaly.
We create it individually in the laboratory and then bond it to the tooth. This requires perfect preparation of the tooth by the dentist and a masterly work of a dental technician.  Properly made inlay allows esthetic reconstruction of the tooth with restoration of proper tangent points between the teeth. This prevents food from getting between the teeth, which protects against caries and gingivitis. Due to the mechanical properties of porcelain, over time the risk of its damage is lower than in the case of composite or amalgam fillings. Therefore, the problem of hooking or tearing the dental floss disappears.

Treatment of bruxism

 It is a serious condition that worsens the quality of life, leading to serious consequences such as periodontitis with loosening or even loss of teeth, damage to the temporomandibular joints, pain in the muscles of the face, head and spine. Before treatment we perform a thorough diagnosis of occlusion, muscles, temporomandibular joints and airways. We carry out DC/TMD examination specially prepared for patients with this type of disorders. It allows us to precisely determine the nature of the disorder. The treatment of bruxism is based largely on the stabilisation of the temporomandibular joints. We use specially designed and individually made splints for this purpose. The treatment process is often a complex issue where knowledge from many fields of dentistry should be used. Your cooperation is also very important. Thanks to the application of our method we already have many grateful patients who no longer gnash and grind their teeth. Their quality of life has improved as they no longer have persistent headaches, muscle pain and can sleep better.

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We provide orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages using a full range of braces. We use modern solutions in the form of invisible INVISALIGN caps. We focus not only on improving the aesthetics of the face and teeth. Through treatment, we facilitate oral hygiene, and thus reduce the risk of periodontosis and caries. Orthodontic treatment is always planned in accordance with the muscular harmony of the face and temporomandibular joints. As a result, our treated patients have a lower risk of teeth grinding, snapping in the temporomandibular joints, teeth grinding, bruxism and sleep apnoea.


NIEWADA CLINIC IS A PARADONTOSIS TREATMENT CENTRE. We have been specializing in the treatment of this condition for many years! This disease correctly called periodontitis is a strong bacterial infection leading to loss of bone and tissues surrounding the tooth. Untreated, it often leads to tooth loss and raises the risk of heart attack, stroke and other diseases.  Like diabetes, it cannot be cured, but it can be well controlled and you can enjoy your teeth for many years. Anna Skurska, MD, PhD and Paweł Niewada, MD, PhD are a team of excellent periodontists who have been working for many years and have extensive knowledge and experience in caring for patients with this condition. They have performed hundreds of periodontal treatments, saving teeth with periodontal disease.


For many years we have been successfully performing microsurgical treatment of gingival recession in our PARADENTHOOD TREATMENT CENTRE. This disorder manifests itself as an exposure of the root surface due to supragingival shift of the gingival line. Before starting the treatment we determine and eliminate the causes of the recession, which may be many: aggressive, improper brushing, periodontal disease, malocclusion, among others. This procedure is performed to cover both single and multiple roots. Over 15 years of experience of Dr Anna Skurska and Dr Paweł Niewada in performing these complicated procedures ensures that they will be performed at the highest world level to achieve the best results.


We realise that lasting and safe implant treatment is very important to our patients. For us too. That is why we have long been looking for suitable solutions that would meet our common expectations. Therefore, in NIEWADA CLINIC we use the most modern equipment for this type of treatment – a three-dimensional tomograph, implantology navigation as well as a microscope and magnifying glasses. We have also made sure that our staff is, above all, experienced and professional. Work and training in European implantology centres, e.g. in Germany, the USA, Sweden or Denmark, allow us to believe that combining specialist knowledge with state-of-the-art technology is the best, and in fact the only, solution. Dr Paweł Niewada is an excellent implantologist who is an international lecturer of one of the best implantology companies in the world

(DENTSPLY IMPLANTS) teaches this field to new generations of dentists.


Imagine an eighths removal procedure without pain and discomfort. This is how we try to carry it out, using additionally laughing gas, which removes your anxiety before and during the procedure, giving you full comfort. If you prefer to have your surgical treatment performed under general anaesthesia, i.e. anaesthetic, we also have this option. We make every effort to ensure that surgical procedures are performed minimally invasively, using the latest techniques and the best microsurgical instrumentation. This allows for the least possible tissue interference, which significantly reduces post-surgical inconveniences.

We carry out all procedures under high magnification, using a microscope and magnifying glasses. This significantly reduces the risk of complications, as it is possible to see tiny structures that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Therefore, precision increases and the aesthetic effect achieved may be much more favourable. We use microsurgical techniques to perform, among other things, tooth resections, implant placement, sinus lifting or alveolar bone regeneration.


Tooth extractions, and in particular the surgical removal of “eights”, or wisdom teeth, we carry out in a gentle manner, using a specially designed for this purpose, minimally invasive technique Ögram.


Safe and precise examination!

Modern, precise equipment is the pride of NIEWADA CLINIC.

We have a state-of-the-art Vatech CT scanner, which gives a very accurate three-dimensional image and is a great diagnostic device with an ultra-low radiation dose. It is a safe device, giving excellent opportunities to perform accurate tomographic examinations in the oral cavity, pantomograms and cephalomteric pictures.


If you are afraid of the dentist, we often use laughing gas, i.e. nitrous oxide, to relax you and get rid of your fear.

Treating children, extracting difficult teeth or extensive implant procedures can now be carried out in comfort and without stress.

Tooth anaesthesia does not have to hurt! We use a computerised system for slow application of The Wand anaesthetics.  Thanks to the device’s special processor, the anaesthetic spreads drop by drop without tearing the surrounding tissues, which means there is no pain. We eliminate the discomfort of the injection by using surface anaesthesia.

In NIEWADA CLINIC it is possible to carry out procedures under general anaesthesia, i.e. narcosis or sedation.

During general anaesthesia, our patients are supervised by a qualified and experienced anaesthetic team, which has a specially prepared operating room at its disposal. The relaxation room for patients is equipped with music equipment to ensure a pleasant and relaxing recovery from anaesthesia.


At NIEWADA CLINIC we know very well how many people would like to change their smile. Improve the shape, colour and alignment of teeth, correct the amount of visible gums or improve the facial profile. To have simply a beautiful, white and healthy smile!

Thanks to the Smile Design programme, even before starting the treatment we can present the final effect of the treatment – your new smile – with great accuracy.

This enables a unique process of transformation of the designed smile into a three-dimensional model. You will be able to decide for yourself what shape, arrangement and colour of teeth is best and assess the result in the mirror. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we will make this important decision easier.


Teeth whitening is a safe procedure, routinely used in our centre. If you want to improve the colour of your teeth, the most effective methods are overlay/at-home bleaching and in-office bleaching.

Teeth treated with root canal treatment become discoloured, which in case of front teeth may pose a very serious aesthetic problem. An effective solution is the method of internal bleaching, which will restore a cheerful smile.

In some cases there is a need to combine various methods of whitening. In NIEWADA CLINIC we choose the most optimal method of treatment for you.