Minimally invasive prosthetics based on knowledge and experience.

Various diseases and accidents cause defects in tooth tissue or its complete loss. The field of dentistry that comes to the rescue is prosthetics. It allows you to recreate the natural and aesthetic appearance of your teeth.


Veneers – delight with your smile

Veneers are prosthetic works that closely resemble natural teeth. They constitute a new, very thin and precise top layer of the tooth. They are a minimally invasive solution to improve aesthetics. They can correct one tooth, e.g. a discolored one, or many teeth, permanently improving your smile. They can also be used to close gaps between teeth, lighten the color or even out crowding and displacement. Our extensive experience in making beautiful and durable veneers guarantees a dazzling smile.


Inlay/Onlay – a great solution when food gets stuck between your teeth

Prosthetics is not only aesthetics, but also functionality. A properly made inlay/onlay allows for aesthetic reconstruction with the restoration of correct contact points between teeth. Thanks to this, food does not get between the teeth and does not irritate, as is often the case with ordinary white fillings called “fillings”. You no longer have to remove debris stuck between your teeth after eating, because inaly’s strong contact points protect these spaces. This additionally prevents caries and gingivitis.


Due to the mechanical properties of porcelain, the risk of damage to it over time is lower than in the case of composite or amalgam fillings. Therefore, the problem of dental floss catching or tearing disappears. The big advantage of onlays is that they greatly strengthen the tooth and are much more durable than “white” composite fillings. We create them individually in the laboratory and then glue them to the tooth. This requires perfect preparation of the tooth by the doctor and the masterful work of the dental technician. That’s why we perform your work in our specialized prosthetic laboratory.


Aesthetics and durability
biocompatible crowns and bridges

Biocompatibility, which ensures no allergic reactions to prosthetic materials.

All-ceramic crowns are completely neutral to the surrounding tissue, do not cause irritation, and most importantly, do not cause allergic reactions. The deposition of bacterial plaque and tartar on them is much smaller than in the case of traditional crowns. Because they do not contain metal, they have no side effects. (Metal combined with the moist environment of the oral cavity may provoke the formation of so-called galvanic currents. Their effect is a metallic taste in the mouth, and sometimes allergic reactions or inflammatory reactions in the gums. In the case of our materials, these effects do not occur.)


Minimally invasive prosthetics

We make beautiful and natural-looking veneers, crowns and bridges in a minimally invasive way, saving your tooth as much as possible.

Why prosthetics at Niewada Clinic?

A sense of aesthetics and precision

We never act rashly. We always plan and work according to the adopted protocol first.


Our activities result from the knowledge in the field of aesthetic dentistry acquired during prosthetic training around the world. For us, what matters most is precision. Our many years of experience in assessing aesthetics and bite analysis allow us to effectively treat patients, regardless of the complexity of the case.


Smile design and computer visualization allow us, at the conceptual stage, to influence a great result together with you, before we start any work.

We have our own modern prosthetic laboratory

What distinguishes us and guarantees high quality of work is our own prosthetic laboratory. Our technicians work with the best dental technicians in Germany and the USA to prepare your new smile.


The precision and artistry of their work ensure that the crown, bridge or veneer will be a delightful, small work of art and a permanent complement to your smile.


*Detailed information and terms and conditions of warranty services can be found in the warranty card.

The unique quality of our work ensures the tightness of the crowns and the absence of caries for years!

Preparing a tooth for all-ceramic work requires great skill from the doctor.


Only an experienced doctor who has the ability to work at high magnifications using a microscope and dental loupes can do his job perfectly. Extreme concentration and professionalism are required here. That’s why at NIEWADA CLINIC you will meet real professionals passionate about dentistry.

Technology is our advantage!

We use advanced equipment, thanks to which we achieve incomparably better tightness of prosthetic restorations than in the case of traditional solutions.


We produce all-ceramic crowns using modern CAD/CAM (Computer-aided design/Computer-aided manufacturing) technology. This means that their design and milling is supported by computer software. Such works are tissue-friendly, look natural and are perfectly fitted. The use of scanners, computer-controlled milling machines, the work of specially trained staff and the material itself (ceramic block) from which crowns and bridges are cut require large investments, the will to improve and work at the highest level. This is what modern prosthetics looks like in our clinic.

Excellent aesthetic effects!

Light can freely penetrate all-ceramic prosthetic works, making them look bright and very natural.


There is no bluish outline around the gums as in the case of ordinary crowns on a metal base. An all-ceramic crown individually matched to the color and shape of the patient’s teeth looks much better.