Root canal treatment – Endodontics – Niewada Clinic

Endodontics deals with diagnosis and treatment of tooth pulp diseases and periapical lesions. During treatment, dead tissue and bacteria that cause inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth are removed.

Endodontic treatment requires great precision. Root canals are very narrow, basically root canal treatment is a microsurgical procedure. It requires patience, experience and precision.

Endodontics in our clinic in Warsaw

At Niewada Clinic, we always use a microscope with the best Zeiss optics for endodontic treatment. Our doctors have been working with the microscope for several years. We see more and work more accurately, which makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of your dental treatment. We use the microscope for every procedure.


We have vast experience in treating difficult cases, such as removing the fractured instruments, closing perforations, treating gangrene and abscesses, and clearing difficult canals. We select the instruments to be used on a case-by-case basis. We routinely use nickel-titaniums, ultrasound devices and biocompatible root canal filling systems.

Modern endodontics at Niewada Clinic means precision and perfection in every millimeter.

Precise root canal treatment In Niewada Clinic

Whenever possible, root canal treatment is performed in a single visit. Before treatment, we take x-rays with an ultra-low-dose machine or perform a detailed CT scan.

Root canal treatment at Niewada Clinic is painless thanks to the computer-guided anesthesia using The Wand.

We always place a rubber dam – a flexible isolation that allows us to perform procedures without the risk of additional tooth infection.

We use non-toxic, durable and biocompatible materials to fill the canals.

Why you should choose treatment in Niewada Clinic

First of all, root canal treatment is carried out by outstanding specialists who have been dealing with this subject for many years and have incredible experience in treating even the most difficult endodontic cases.

We always perform root canal treatment under magnification using dental loupes and a dedicated Zeiss microscope. Working under magnification means more accurate removal of broken instruments, clearing blocked canals and finding additional branches. Performing endodontic procedures under the microscope ensures precision and efficiency.

Treatment is performed under local anesthesia using The Wand, so that our patients do not feel discomfort or pain during the procedure.

We routinely use an endometer to determine the length of the root canals.

Accurate diagnostics allows us to understand the morphology of teeth, thanks to the high-tech digital radiography and CBCT (cone beam computed tomography) examination.


Is endodontic treatment painful?

In our clinic root canal treatment does not hurt! At Niewada Clinic, we are committed to make the root canal treatment procedure as minimally invasive as possible and to avoid causing discomfort to our patients.

We perform root canal treatment procedures under local anesthesia using The Wand, which eliminates the pain associated with nerve removal.

Not only does root canal treatment in Niewada Clinic not hurt, but our patients experience immediate relief after treatment as well.