Smile Design – Digital smile design in our Clinic

Digital Smile Design, a tool that allows us to show you what your smile will look like before starting treatment. We will show you your new teeth after the therapy based on the photos and treatment plan.


At Niewada Clinic, we strive for perfection in aesthetic dentistry. We know well how many people would like to change their smile, improve the shape, color and position of their teeth, correct the number of visible gums or improve their facial profile. Everyone just wants to have a beautiful and healthy smile!


Your new smile will meet your wildest expectations.

Thanks to the Digital Smile Design program, even before starting treatment, we can present the final aesthetic effect to the patient with great accuracy – a new, beautifully harmonious smile. This enables a unique process of transforming the designed smile into a three-dimensional model. You will be able to decide for yourself what shape, arrangement and color of your teeth is best, and evaluate the result in the mirror. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we will make this important decision easier. And all this without using a drill!



The ideal positioning of the incisal edges of the upper teeth (the so-called anterior bite line) should be parallel to the horizontal plane and the pupil line.


The course of the incisal edges of the upper teeth from canine to canine in relation to the position of the lower lip is called the smile curve. In an ideal position, it corresponds to the natural curve of the lower lip and optically rejuvenates us. In women it is more curved than in men. In the case of the so-called A negative smile curve gives the impression that the arch of the upper teeth has been reversed. This always has a negative impact on the appearance of the face.


Symmetry around the midline is most important for the natural aesthetics of a smile. Even if, for some reasons, this effect cannot be achieved 100%, the illusion of symmetry should be created.


The smile line should show the arrangement of the tooth necks, i.e. the length of the teeth visible when smiling. Correctly, this line should coincide with the line formed by the upper lip to ensure optimal exposure of the gums and teeth.


The appropriate smile width allows you to observe the ideal sequence of teeth from front to back. The width of the six front upper teeth is determined by the so-called fang line. In a narrower smile, the side teeth are often overshadowed by the front teeth, creating the impression that the front teeth are isolated from the rest.


The golden rules of proportion were created to be broken. However, they are an excellent starting point for creating a beautiful smile. They describe a harmonious, ideal ratio of the width of the six front teeth: 1.6: 1.0: 0.6.


These are small, triangle-like areas between the incisal edges of adjacent teeth and the contact points. Without them, the teeth would look the same, like, for example, piano keys. These spaces should be as small as possible between the incisors and gradually increase towards the back teeth.


There are also tips on the ideal proportions of each tooth. For example, the recommended width to height ratio for the first two front teeth is 0.7:1.

Designing your smile step by step

First visit - Consultation

We want to know your expectations and assess the problem.


During the consultation, we will answer your questions and start designing your new smile.


We will take photographic photos of the face, which help to perfectly visualize the occlusal and dental situation and prepare a precise treatment plan.

Computer visualization

The goal is to create a perfect smile using Digital Smile Design.


We will analyze the photos taken during the consultation and digitally design your smile, taking into account your opinions and comments.


The result is a visualization of a smile tailored to facial features, presented in an understandable and transparent way.

Treatment plan

After accepting the designed smile, we will present you with a detailed treatment plan.


We will also present the costs of individual stages. The plan is valid for 6 months from the consultation.

3D Model

We process the computer-obtained image into a three-dimensional model that will be used to assess the future smile, its aesthetics and appearance.

Trying on and fitting

We make special, individually tailored Snap On Smile temporary overlays that reflect a three-dimensional model.


Thanks to this, you can “try on” your new smile before we start correcting anything in it. We can then make some minor changes.

Realization of your dream smile

Your new smile is ready!


Exactly as planned. Our technicians masterfully duplicate the model, selecting the final color, surface and anatomical shape together with you. This is how your dream smile is created.

FAQ / Digital Smile Design

How long does the first digital smile design consultation last?

The time you should reserve for such a visit is approximately 1.5 hours.