Joanna Madej, dentist

Joanna Madej, dentist

I graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw in 2006 and did my postgraduate internship at the Provincial Dental Centre in Warsaw.  I am a member of the Polish Orthodontic Society and the European Orthodontic Society EOS.

Since 2007, I have been employed at the Orthodontic Clinic of the Provincial Center of Dentistry in Warsaw (now Mazovian Center of Dentistry). In 2015, I started my specialisation in Orthodontics at the CEPELEK Central Military Medical Clinic in Warsaw. I have completed numerous trainings in Poland and abroad in Orthodontics and maxillofacial orthopedics, currently I am participating in the prestigious 2-year Postgraduate FACE/Roth-Williams in Andvanced Orthodontics training.  I treat adult patients and children with removable and fixed braces and Invisalign braces.

Privately, I am a mum of lovely Zosia. I love sport, travelling and my husband…my dog Hector. In my free time, I read Rielki’s poetry in the original and I grow peonies in my dream garden.

What does it take to become my patient and how does orthodontic treatment work? I present the plan in a few simple steps:

We make an appointment for the first consultation.
At the initial visit, we assess the problems and take impressions for plaster models of the teeth, take photographs of the patient’s face and teeth, refer the patient for x-ray examinations and other consultations.
The next step is an individual treatment plan: we discuss the diagnosis and possible ways of treatment, we set an initial cost estimate and treatment time.
Now it is time for braces to be fitted.
Every 5-6 weeks we meet for a check-up – I check if everything is going according to the plan, I activate the braces and as always I answer your questions.
At the end we take the braces off and enjoy the most beautiful smile under the sun!…following the retention recommendations:)

Our specialist deals with: