Technologies in Our Clinic – Niewada Clinic Warsaw

At our clinic, we want to provide the highest quality service and safety to our patients every step of the way. That’s why our practice uses the state-of-the-art, proven technologies to help our professionals in their daily work. Whether you go to see a surgeon, hygienist, or orthodontist, you can rest assured that they are effectively supported by technology for your well-being and comfort.

3D Tomography

Proper diagnosis is a priority for us! We have the latest generation dental 3D tomography by Vatech. With this device, we can record a very accurate three-dimensional tomography of the teeth, jaw bones, temporomandibular joints and sinuses, as well as a panoramic and teleradiographic x-rays.


In addition, in each office we have an x-ray machine to take the periapical images. In this way the patient does not have to go anywhere during a root canal treatment, and an x-ray of the tooth can be comfortably taken chairside.

A-PRF centrifuge

This is a device that allows us to obtain platelet-rich fibrin from your blood. Fibrin makes wounds from tooth extractions and other surgical procedures heal much faster. With A-PRF, we avoid complications, wound infection and bone loss. This method will make you forget about the whole procedure much faster.

Zeiss microscope

We always work under magnification, using either loupes or microscope. Since the quality of the equipment is of paramount importance to us, we chose the best and proven optics from Zeiss. The accuracy of work under the microscope is incomparable to traditional methods. By seeing more and better we reach much higher precision of our work.


T-Scan is a digital device used to objectively evaluate the patient’s bite.


Unlike the articulating paper, which only helps to determine the location of tooth contacts, T-Scan identifies both the force and timing of occlusion, the two most relevant parameters. This cutting-edge, innovative technology helps us to identify early contacts, excessive forces and relations between the occlusal surfaces of the teeth, to be able to bring the bite into balance.


It is a device for accurate diagnosis of the temporomandibular joints condition. It allows us to treat patients with joint complaints and balance their bite. The prerequisite for achieving ideal aesthetics is the correct restoration of the function of teeth, muscles and temporomandibular joints.


On the basis of the axiographic examination we are able to obtain excellent and stable prosthetic treatment results, perfectly tailored to individual cases.

Nitrous Oxide Delivery System

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a great way to relieve the fear of a dentist. Nitrous oxide inhalation is a completely safe process that is carefully monitored by your doctor. You will feel completely relaxed.


Feelings of fear and anxiety will disappear and you will be ready to undergo your dental procedure with peace of mind. Laughing gas works great in children. Free from fear and anxiety, our youngest patients are very eager to undergo dental treatment.

EMS air-polisher – AIR-FLOW® Master

We perform dental hygiene procedures at the highest level. The AIR-FLOW® Master is the world’s first device for subgingival prophylaxis. It combines two air-polishers, providing an ideal solution for both supragingival, perigingival and subgingival prophylaxis.



The effect of AIR-FLOW® Master use is the reduction of pocket depths, removal of bacterial biofilm and prevention of periimplantitis, because its action reaches the deepest periodontal pockets. It is a reliable and fast system that provides maximum comfort for the patient.

Mectron Piezosurgery

Mectron Piezosurgery is the best device using piezoelectric technology.  Its effectiveness and safety are confirmed by numerous scientific studies. It was created for surgeons to overcome the limitations in surgical precision and intraoperative safety that occur with traditional bone cutting instruments. Bone cutting using piezoelectric vibrations is unparalleled in safety and precision compared to procedures performed with traditional burs or saws. Cutting is selective. 


Thanks to the use of piezoelectric vibrations and proper cooling of the surgical site using an irrigation system, the overheating and necrosis of bone tissue at the edge is eliminated. Healing processes are accelerated, swelling and inflammation are less extensive. The combination of these factors shortens the recovery period and reduces complications after surgery.

Electrocoagulator HF SURG

Electrocoagulation, or so-called diathermy, is used in surgical and periodontal procedures, as well as when making fillings or prosthetic crowns. This device allows you to make bloodless cuts because the blood vessels immediately coagulate, or close.


With this method we can easily cut frenulum in children and adults or remove lesions of the oral mucosa.