Niewada Clinic?

Safe treatment is minimally invasive, comprehensive aesthetic dentistry. We value your trust and offer sterility and safety. We will individually address your problem, where only you and your smile matter. This is your time at Niewada Clinic!

Stress-free treatment

At Niewada Clinic we have created a friendly atmosphere. It’s a place that brings joy and satisfaction to our patients, as well as to our team. From the very first meeting, you will realize that a visit to the dentist does not have to be stressful. We make every effort to ensure that the treatment is as comfortable and gentle as possible. We use the most effective methods of anesthesia, including LAUGHING GAS, for both children and adults. Pain and fear will no longer be obstacles to a perfect smile.

First visit to Niewada Clinic

Minimally invasive techniques

Conservation of tooth structure is a key principle of modern therapy. To achieve this, we use magnifying glasses, a microscope, a camera with 200x magnification, and other devices that allow for maximum accuracy and conserve as much healthy tooth tissue as possible. We plan treatment to ensure minimal intervention while achieving maximum results.


Smile Design

Thanks to the Smile Design program, even before starting treatment, we can accurately present the final aesthetic effect—your new smile! This is made possible by a unique process of transforming a computer-designed smile into a three-dimensional model. You will be able to decide on the best shape, arrangement, and color of teeth for yourselves, and evaluate the result in the mirror. With our knowledge and experience, we will facilitate the decision-making process… And all this without using a drill!


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