Dental treatment without pain

at Niewada Clinic

Can you imagine a visit to the dentist without any pain or discomfort? At Niewada Clinic this is not only possible, but it is the standard of our daily practice. Learn about innovative anesthesia methods that are changing the face of modern dentistry and providing our patients with unrivaled treatment comfort. Forget about fear and anxiety – discover how painless your next visit to the dentist can be.

Innovative anesthesia The Wand – Comfort at the highest level

As standard, we use THE WAND device, which effectively allows for painless anesthesia.


THE WAND is a computer-controlled system that administers anesthesia gently and slowly so that you will not feel any discomfort. We use it both when performing “fillings”, prosthetics or surgery, and during other procedures requiring anesthesia. Our patients really like this device.


Nitrous oxide – Stress-free treatment for children and adults

Nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, is the most commonly used form of sedation in dentistry. The process of entering a state of relaxation is carefully monitored by a doctor. You will feel completely relaxed. Feelings of fear and anxiety disappear and you will be ready to undergo the dental procedure calmly. Most procedures can be completed in one visit while the patient is under sedation.


We achieve great results from using laughing gas when welcoming children. Free from fear and anxiety, our youngest patients are eager to undergo dental treatment.


Nitrous oxide sedation is very safe and effective. After the treatment, the gas is quickly flushed out and you can return to your daily activities. If you’re worried about your next visit to the dentist, it’s time to change that!


Safe anesthesia – Effective treatment without stress

At Niewada Clinic, we safely perform procedures under anesthesia. Treatment of children, removal of difficult teeth or extensive implant procedures are performed under general anesthesia in comfortable conditions, without stress. During anesthesia, our patients are supervised by a qualified and experienced anesthetic team, at whose disposal there is a treatment room specially prepared for this purpose.

What distinguishes Niewada Clinic?

Precision and comfort

At Niewada Clinic we use The Wand system, which offers precise and comfortable anesthesia, almost imperceptible to the patient.


This method minimizes the discomfort associated with anesthesia by reducing fear of needles and pain.

Safe and effective sedation

We use nitrous oxide, providing patients with a calm and relaxing experience.


This form of sedation is ideal for children and adults with dental anxiety, as it rinses out quickly and allows for a quick return to normal activity.

An experienced team of anesthesiologists

We have a specially equipped procedure room and an experienced anesthesiology team to perform general anesthesia.


We offer full general anesthesia for complicated cases, which guarantees patients stress-free and painless treatment.

Individually adapted anesthesia

Each case is analyzed individually, which allows the anesthesia method to be tailored to the patient’s needs and health condition.


We select the safest and most effective anesthesia methods based on current medical research and practices.

Patient support

Patients receive comprehensive information from our doctors about available anesthesia methods, which allows them to make an informed choice.


We provide full support before, during and after the procedure, which reduces anxiety and increases patient comfort.