X-ray and 3D tomography

Welcome to the world of precise dental diagnostics at Niewada Clinic! Advanced X-ray and 3D CT scans provide key information needed for effective treatment and can transform your dental experience!


Are you wondering about security? Our modern devices are designed to minimize radiation exposure, ensuring safe and extremely precise diagnostics. Find out how we can provide you with effective treatment while maintaining the highest safety standards.



A detailed examination of the oral cavity, X-rays (including panoramic x-rays), analysis of diagnostic models and, finally, photographic documentation are used to create an individual treatment plan.


We will focus on your problems and will be happy to answer your questions. We will adapt the plan to your needs. We always take into account the opinion of our patients, because your well-being is our highest value.


In each office we have a camera for taking small photos at the chair, so during e.g. root canal treatment, the patient does not have to go anywhere to take a photo, and the tooth X-ray is performed comfortably in the room.


3D tomography

Proper diagnostics is our priority! We have the latest generation 3D dental tomograph from Vatech. Thanks to this device, we can perform a very accurate three-dimensional tomography of teeth, jaw bones, temporomandibular joints and sinuses, as well as panoramic and cephalometric images.