Price list


Safe treatment and long-lasting, beautiful results are the effect of careful planning. The purpose of the first consultation is to identify your main problem with which you have come and your needs. We do not focus solely on cavities. We examine gums, occlusion, temporomandibular joints, facial muscles, and changes in the mucous membrane. We additionally check for clicking in the joints during opening and closing, whether your gums bleed, or if you have periodontitis. The oral examination is conducted using dental loupes, a microscope, and an intraoral camera. We perform the necessary X-rays, including a tomographic study.


If during the first consultation we determine that you need complex treatment, we continue with a detailed functional-aesthetic analysis, where we gather photographic documentation, analyze models of your teeth, aesthetics, and function, to ultimately prepare a detailed treatment plan along with the treatment costs. This is so you know exactly what will be done and what the stages and duration of the treatment will be. Also, so that we can best tailor the treatment to your financial capabilities.

Consultation 300 PLN


Consultation with Dr. Paweł Niewada, MD 450 PLN


Periodontological consultation 450 PLN


The best gift you can offer your teeth is a hygienic visit. If you don’t want to have “periodontitis” and wish to enjoy beautiful teeth for many years, the most effective means of achieving this success are regular visits to our professional hygienists. Knowledge about the use of devices, their correct application in the oral cavity so as not to damage teeth, implants, or prosthetic works, as well as the accuracy and at the same time gentleness of the procedures performed are extremely important. Niewada Clinic hygienists use magnifying loupes to perform scaling, sandblasting, and polishing treatments even more precisely. A very important element of the visit is the hygiene instruction and control of the correct technique of brushing and flossing teeth. Our periodontal treatment specialist, Dr. Paweł Niewada, MD, oversees the quality of the visits.

Hygienic visit – SRP – (supra and subgingival scaling + sandblasting + polishing) 400 PLN


Scaling (price per arch) 140 PLN


Sandblasting (price per arch) 140 PLN


Fluoridation (price per arch) 80 PLN

Tooth fillings

We care to ensure that the fillings we perform are not only durable and look beautiful and natural but also restore the correct bite.


That’s why we meticulously recreate the anatomical cusps and grooves found in healthy teeth. We also spend a lot of time smoothing and polishing the filling and adjusting it for correct contacts. A filling done in such a way lasts significantly longer.

Filling a permanent tooth with glass ionomer from 300 PLN


Composite filling of a permanent tooth from 550 PLN


Direct bioesthetic composite reconstruction from 1,000-1,500 PLN

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment at our clinic is painless!


During the procedures, the patient lies down, which positively affects their mood and allows them to relax.


We use only modern and tested tools – nickel-titanium hand and mechanical instruments, an ultrasonic system, and innovative devices for filling canals. It is important for health that the canal closure is very tight. This prevents the re-development of bacteria. The endodontists working with us are clinicians with many years of clinical experience who are experts in their work.


With us, you will stop fearing root canal treatment, as evidenced by the words of one of our patients:

I didn’t think root canal treatment could be so trouble-free. – Dariusz

Root canal treatment depending on the number of canals (procedure using a ZEISS microscope) from 900 to 1,700 PLN


Removal of post and core from 550 to 1,300 PLN


Crown reconstruction for endodontic treatment 400 PLN


Dressing during root canal treatment 350 PLN

Cosmetic Prosthodontics

We are distinguished by precision, minimally invasive prosthetic techniques, and biocompatibility.

We work to achieve maximum results with minimal intervention in tooth tissues. We want our works to be very durable. Treatment is based on the philosophy of bioesthetics, combining the natural harmony of tooth morphology, muscles, and temporomandibular joints.



Our full-ceramic crowns do not have a bluish outline around the gums, as is the case with ordinary crowns. They are fully transparent. Just like natural teeth. Thanks to the use of advanced equipment, we achieve incomparably better tightness of prosthetic fillings than with traditional solutions. Full-ceramic crowns are produced using CAD/CAM technology (Computer-aided design/Computer-aided manufacturing). This means that their design and milling are supported by computer software. Such works are tissue-friendly, look natural, and are perfectly fitted.


The most refined works are performed in Germany by Bernhard Egger, who is one of the best dental technicians and a teacher at OBI – Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry – Institute for Comprehensive Occlusal Diagnosis & Minimally Invasive Complete Care Dentistry, USA. An institute promoting the philosophy of BIOESTHETIC treatment, authored by Dr. Robert L. Lee, MS, DDS.



We specialize in aesthetic veneers! They are a minimally invasive means to improve aesthetics. They can correct one tooth, e.g., discolored, or many teeth, permanently improving the smile. They can be used to close interdental gaps, lighten the color, or align crowding and displacements. These thin porcelain flakes are best suited for minimally invasive aesthetic correction.


Inalys and Onlays

A porcelain inlay or onlay is so-called adhesive ceramic restoration (otherwise BPR – Bonded Porcelain Restoration). It is a complement to the lost tooth tissue by applying a porcelain filling. When the decay is so large that a composite filling does not guarantee long-term stability, and there is enough of the patient’s tooth that it does not require grinding for a crown, we recommend making an inlay.
It is individually created in the laboratory and then glued into the tooth. This requires perfect tooth preparation by the doctor and masterful work by the dental technician. A properly made inlay allows for aesthetic reconstruction of the tooth with the restoration of correct contact points between teeth. This prevents food from getting between the teeth, protecting against decay and gum inflammation. Due to the mechanical properties of porcelain, over time, the risk of its damage is lower than that of composite or amalgam fillings. Thus, the problem of floss catching or tearing is eliminated.

Full-ceramic crown in the CAD/CAM system from 3,500 PLN


Full-ceramic crown in the CAD/CAM premium system, individually veneered from 4,500 PLN


Porcelain veneer from 4,500 PLN


Inlay or onlay HIPC 3,000 PLN


Inlay or onlay porcelain from 3,500 PLN


Skeleton denture (upper or lower) 4,500 PLN

Bruxism treatment

This is a serious condition that worsens the quality of life, leading to severe consequences such as periodontitis with tooth mobility and even tooth loss, damage to the temporomandibular joints, facial muscle pain, headaches, and spine pain. Before treatment, we perform meticulous diagnostics of the bite, muscles, temporomandibular joints, and respiratory tract. We conduct a specially prepared DC/TMD examination for patients with such disorders. It allows for the precise determination of the nature of the condition. The treatment of bruxism is largely based on the stabilization of the temporomandibular joints. For this purpose, we use specially designed and individually made splints.

The treatment process is often a complex issue that requires knowledge from many fields of dentistry. Your cooperation is also very important. Thanks to our method, we already have many grateful patients who no longer grind their teeth and wear them down. Their quality of life has significantly improved because they are no longer troubled by persistent headaches and muscle pain, and they can sleep better.

MAGO splint from 2,500 PLN


Functional analysis from 1,000 to 3,500 PLN


Axioagraphy 3,500 PLN


Equilibration/computerized bite correction – T-scan (1 visit) 1,000 PLN


We orthodontically treat patients of all ages using a full range of appliances. We employ modern solutions in the form of invisible INVISALIGN aligners. We focus not only on improving the aesthetics of the face and teeth. Through treatment, we facilitate oral hygiene, thereby reducing the risk of periodontitis and caries. Orthodontic treatment is always planned in accordance with the muscular harmony of the face and temporomandibular joints. As a result, our treated patients have a lower risk of tooth wear, clicks in the temporomandibular joints, teeth grinding, bruxism, and sleep apnea.

Orthodontic consultation 300 PLN


Control visit with fixed appliance 1 arch 300 PLN


Control visit with fixed appliance 2 arches 400 PLN


Metal fixed appliance (1 arch) 3,500 PLN


Ceramic aesthetic fixed appliance (1 arch) 5,500 PLN


Removable appliance – Schwartz plate 1,200 PLN


Overlay treatment (Spark and Invisalign) 10 000 – 25 000 zł


Microimplant 1 000 – 1 200 zł


Control visit with overlay treatment (Spark and Invisalign) 0 PLN


Microimplant 900 – 1,000 PLN

Periodontitis Treatment

Niewada Clinic is a center for the treatment of periodontitis.

For many years, we have specialized in the therapy of this disease! Correctly called periodontitis, it is a severe bacterial infection leading to the loss of bone and tissues surrounding the tooth. Untreated, it often leads to tooth loss, and also increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other diseases. Like diabetes, it cannot be cured, but it can be well controlled, allowing you to enjoy your teeth for many years. Dr. hab. Anna Skurska and Dr. Paweł Niewada form a team of excellent periodontologists who have worked for many years and possess vast knowledge and experience in caring for patients with this condition. They have conducted hundreds of periodontal procedures, saving teeth with periodontal disease.

Periodontal examination 350 PLN


Closed curettage (per tooth) 400 PLN


Flap operation (1 tooth) 1,000 PLN


Corticotomy from 1,200 PLN


Piezocision from 800 PLN


Guided periodontal tissue regeneration (1 tooth without materials) from 1,500 PLN


Control visit (every 3 months during periodontal treatment) 250 PLN

Gum recession treatment

In our Periodontitis Treatment Center, we have been successfully performing microsurgical treatments of gum recession for years. This disorder manifests as the exposure of the root surface due to the apical migration of the gum line. Before proceeding with the treatment, we identify and eliminate the causes of recession, which can be numerous: aggressive, improper brushing, periodontal disease, malocclusion, among others. This procedure is carried out to cover one or many roots. Over 15 years of experience by Dr. Anna Skurska and Dr. Paweł Niewada in conducting these complex procedures ensures that they will be performed at the highest global level, aiming to achieve the best results.

Coverage of recession 1 tooth from 1,450 PLN


Coverage of recession up to 2 teeth from 2,500 PLN


Coverage of recession up to 3 teeth from 4,000 PLN


Collection of connective tissue/epithelial graft 550 PLN

Dental implants

We understand that durable and safe implant treatment is very important for our patients. It is for us, too. That’s why we have spent a long time looking for the right solutions that would meet our common expectations. Therefore, at Niewada Clinic, we use the most modern equipment for such procedures – a three-dimensional tomograph, implant navigation, as well as a microscope and loupes. We also made sure that our staff is above all experienced and professional. Working and training in European implant centers, including in Germany, the USA, Sweden, or Denmark, allows us to believe that combining specialized knowledge with the most modern technology is the best, in fact, the only solution. Dr. Paweł Niewada is an excellent implantologist who, being an international lecturer for one of the best implant companies in the world (DENTSPLY IMPLANTS), teaches this field to new generations of dentists.

Implant placement 4,500 PLN


Crown on an implant (including the abutment) from 4,500 PLN


Implant template from 950 PLN


Dentsply Implants Profile Implant 4,800 PLN


Removal of an implant placed outside the clinic 2,000 PLN


Exposure of the implant and placement of a healing screw 450 PLN


Sinus lift (excluding the cost of biomaterials) from 3,500 PLN

Dental surgery

Imagine a wisdom tooth extraction procedure without pain and discomfort. That’s exactly how we aim to perform it, using laughing gas additionally, which alleviates your anxiety before and during the procedure, providing you with complete comfort. If you prefer to have surgical treatment under general anesthesia, we also offer this option. We make every effort to ensure that surgical procedures are performed minimally invasively, using the latest techniques and the best microsurgical equipment. This allows for the least interference with tissue, significantly reducing post-operative inconveniences.

We perform all procedures under high magnification, using a microscope and loupes. This significantly reduces the risk of complications, as it is possible to see small structures that are difficult to notice with the naked eye. Thus, precision increases, and the achieved aesthetic effect can be significantly better. With microsurgical techniques, we perform, among others, tooth resections, implant placements, sinus lifting, and regeneration of the alveolar bone process.


Tooth extractions, especially the surgical removal of “wisdom teeth”, are performed gently, using the specially designed, minimally invasive Ögram technique.

Tooth extraction from 350 PLN


Extraction by chiseling method from 850 PLN


Surgical removal of an impacted tooth from 1,500 PLN


Oral-sinus connection plastic surgery 740 PLN


Use of A-PRF (socket dressing) 500 PLN


Root resection (anterior tooth) 2,000 PLN


Root resection (premolars) 2,500 PLN


Root resection (molars) 3,000 PLN


Surgical crown lengthening 550 PLN

X-ray, Tomography

Safe and precise examination!


Modern, precise equipment is the hallmark of Niewada Clinic.


We have a state-of-the-art tomography device from Vatech, which provides a very accurate three-dimensional image and is an excellent diagnostic device with an ultra-low radiation dose. It is a safe device that provides great opportunities to perform accurate tomographic examinations in the oral cavity, panoramic radiographs and cephalometric images.

CBCT 10×8 PLN 450


CBCT of the temporomandibular joint (1 joint) PLN 250


Dental X-ray PLN 65


Digital panoramic radiograph PLN 100


Cephalometric X-ray PLN 100

Anesthesia, laughing gas, general anesthesia

If you’re afraid of the dentist, we achieve great relaxation effects and fear elimination by often using laughing gas, or nitrous oxide.


Treating children, extracting difficult teeth, or extensive implantological procedures can now be carried out under comfortable conditions, without stress.


Tooth anesthesia doesn’t have to hurt! We use the computerized slow application system of anesthetics, The Wand. Thanks to the special processor of the device, the anesthesia spreads drop by drop, not tearing the surrounding tissues, hence there is no pain. We eliminate the discomfort of the injection by applying topical anesthesia.


At Niewada Clinic, it is possible to perform procedures under general anesthesia, that is, narcosis or sedation.


During general anesthesia, our patients are watched over by a qualified and experienced anesthesiology team, at whose disposal is a specially prepared operating room. We have equipped a resting room for patients with music equipment, allowing for a pleasant and relaxing awakening from anesthesia.

Laughing gas 250 PLN for every 30 min.


General anesthesia first hour 2,200 PLN


General anesthesia each subsequent 30 min. 700 PLN

Smile design

At Niewada Clinic, we understand how many people would like to change their smile. To improve the shape, color, and alignment of their teeth, correct the amount of gum shown, or enhance their facial profile. Simply to have a beautiful, white, and healthy smile!


Thanks to the Smile Design program, even before starting treatment, we can accurately present the final treatment outcome – your new smile.


This is made possible by a unique process of transforming the designed smile into a three-dimensional model. You will be able to decide what shape, arrangement, and color of teeth are best, and evaluate the result in the mirror. With our knowledge and experience, we will make it easier for you to make this important decision.

The price includes (Photography + Computer design, Aesthetic wax-up, Trial fitting of the design) 2,500 PLN

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a safe treatment routinely used at Niewada Clinic. If you want to improve the color of your teeth, the most effective methods are tray/home whitening and in-office whitening.


Teeth treated with root canals can become discolored, which in the case of front teeth can be a very serious aesthetic issue. An effective solution is the internal whitening method, which can restore a joyful smile.


In some cases, there is a need to combine different whitening methods. At Niewada Clinic, we choose the most optimal treatment method for you.

Teeth whitening from 1,400 PLN

White Perfection package (consultation + hygienization + tray whitening) 1,499 PLN

Dental physiotherapy

We offer specialized assistance in the field of dental physiotherapy, which focuses on comprehensive support for people struggling with dysfunctions of the jaw-temporal system. Our therapies are dedicated to patients suffering from various ailments, such as facial muscle pain, problems with opening and closing the mouth, characteristic cracking in the joints or tinnitus, as well as chronic headaches.

Dental physiotherapy: 1 hour 300 PLN


Dental physiotherapy: 30 min. 180 PLN