Daria Krawiec


Dental physiotherapist
I graduated from the University of Physical Education in Warsaw, majoring in physiotherapy. During my studies, I won a scholarship to the prestigious Semmelweis University in Budapest. I am currently a student of Osteopathy at the Still Academy of Osteopathy in Warsaw. I gained my professional experience by working with the National Swimming Team and the National Weightlifting Team, as well as in the best orthopedic clinics in Warsaw (including Carolina Medical Center, MIRAI Rehabilitation Institute).
I constantly improve my qualifications both on courses in Poland and abroad.


On a daily basis, I work with patients struggling with:
– pain in the temporomandibular joint area

– pain in the neck and shoulders

– headaches

– tension problems within the speech apparatus

– pain resulting from chronic, broadly understood stress

From the very beginning, I have consciously built my physiotherapy experience around physical activity. In rehabilitation, I focus on movement, even minimal, to prevent further overload. I approach each patient individually, in a holistic approach, focusing on both the symptoms and the cause of the disease.

Our specialist deals with: